How did you pick your realm?

I am wondering how players decide which realm to roll their toons on?

Do you pick your realm based on playstyle, by that I mean, do you chose a realm based on it being a PvP, PvE or RP environment?

Or do you pick based on its population? Maybe you are swayed by auction house prices? Perhaps you chose your realm because your IRL friends all play on it?

How do you know if the realm will be right for you? Did you look on the official WoW forums for information before making your choice?

I have now played on several realms. My first ever toons were on the Alliance side of Hellfire. Then I moved a few to Chamber of Aspects when FCM opened up, but at the time, CoA was a horrible realm to play on due to suffering from horrendous server lag. I then played on the Horde side of Magtheridon, which is now down to a very low population and I do not recommend that realm to anyone!

After some forum trolling I found my new home, Ragnaros. Its a PvP realm that seems fairly well balanced at the moment. I was lucky to find a guild with excellent raiding progression and lots of friendly members.

So, I’m curious, how did you find a home for your toons? 🙂


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  1. Yeellow
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 18:24:09

    Not long after WoW started, I was coerced into rolling my first toon on a PvP server (I had my doubts about PvP after playing UO). I rolled a horde rogue on Nordrassil with two friends and we had a blast doing all the quest content each evening.

    We got to 60 and our catalyst for playing WoW sneaked off and started playing an alliance warrior on an unknown server. He eventually convinced us that alliance was cooler/easier/sexier and that there were less Swe on that server (this has never bothered me, but my accomplices always got irate at seeing the numerous dialects in operation). So I rolled a priest (a dwarven one – treasure finding ftw!) and the three of us had a core group for partying (tank, healer, dps).

    The server? – Ragnaros (an even bigger Swe hangout :))


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