Sally Menke. RIP

Sally Menke was found dead in Los Angeles yesterday. 

She will be best known as Quentin Tarantino’s long time editor.  My fave work of hers was the amazing editing she did on Oliver Stone’s Heaven & Earth.



Patch 4.0.1 live prediction

I predict the patch to go live on October 13th

That’s right. You heard it here first ;p

Cataclysm beta news

New vendors in Stormwind Old Town now selling gear for your justice and honor points

Portals to major cities removed from Dalaran and Shattrath

Warlock T11 gear preview

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, finally, a handful of new achievements

The best show on TV is back with a…. whimper

And so, the return of Showtimes hit show, ‘Dexter’, back for a 5th season.

It is fantastic that Michael C Hall is over his  Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was well enough to make this seasons episodes. 

I am a massive fan of this series and the books that it is largely based on, written by the evil genius that is Jeff Lindsay.

*possible spolier alert*

The season starts off where season 4 left us, with Rita (Julie Benz) dead in a bathtub and Dexter left to pick up  the pieces.  The team start to question whether Dexter may have killed his own wife, while he begins to question whether Harrison and his adopted family will be better off without him.

Not the explosive start to the season I was hoping for, but still the usual high standard of gripping drama we all love to watch 🙂

Cataclysm talent calculator

WoWhead have updated their Cataclysm talent tree calculators to cover all the latest changes

Enjoy working out your new spec 🙂

Pimp my ride!

I want to talk about rare mounts in WoW for a moment.

Is anyone out there fortunate enough to own any of the truly rare mounts like Ashes of Al’ar ?

Perhaps you were lucky enough to get an Amani War Bear from Zul’Aman before they were removed?

Or maybe maybe you ride around in Mimiron’s Head?

or perhaps you got über lucky and won a roll on Invincible’s Reins when killing (25 man heroic) Lich King?


There are a few other awesome looking rare mounts to be had such as the spectral tiger or the Reins of the Raven Lord .

If I had the choice, if a kindly soul said to me I can give you ONE of these mounts right now; I’d have to go for Ashes of Al’ar.

What would you choose?



Recommended reading for shadow priests

Fantastic write up on how fucked up mana regen is when playing a shadow priest right now

And Fox Van Allen?  Wicked name, dude! 😉

The new addition to the family

Rooney the looney Staffy

OMG! How excited are you by this?

The new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1)

Looks stunning. Roll on November 🙂

Archaeology preview

Cataclysm brings with it a brand new, awesome secondary profession: Archaeology

It looks very time consuming but reaps great rewards such as companion pets, mounts and even bind on account epics!

Cynical Brit has made one of his amazing video guides that show how archaeology will work, you can watch it here

All the relevant, current archaeology related tidbits are covered very well here too

Can you dig it?

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